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About Trekincredible

Trekincredible is an Adventure tourism enterprise. We are experts in arranging treks, expeditions, 

camping and off-beat tours and take pride in providing world class service to our clients.


Trekincredible is a privately owned adventure tourism entity founded in 2010 by a group of young enthusiast, the seeds of which were sown in 2009. We are experts in adventure tourism and offbeat tours. It is a type of tourism, involving exploration or travel to remote, exotic and possibly hostile areas. Adventure tourism gains much of its excitement by allowing its participants to step outside their comfort zone. Adventure tourism may consist of the following : a physical activity, a cultural exchange and engagement with nature

Exploring dreams beyond horizon

Since evolution man has been always connected to nature. In fact it is the nature that has given man a lot of things. However slowly man is getting away from it. We at Trekincredible believe that nature is our best friend and hence would like to reunite ourselves with the nature. Also the challenge is to go beyond the horizon and push ourselves to the limit. Hence ‘Exploring dreams beyond horizon’

Why Trekincredible


At Trekincredible we believe in giving

· the best service with a smile always 

· an unforgettable experience 

· value for money

· customization and flexibility

- :: Objectives :: -


=>  Mission < =

To provide quality experience with dedicated service backed by expertise 

= > Vision < =

To be a global choice for trekking, adventure tourism and offbeat vacations


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